Daylight Lamps

The Daylight lights & magnifiers have been designed to help people see their work more clearly and with greater eye comfort.
This product eases eye stress and enhances clarity using a combination of excellent light sources, quality magnifying lenses.
Here at Gitta's we carry an extensive range of the daylight lamps and magnifiers .

Clip-On Magnifiers, 4 lenses - $44.95

Yoyo Magnifier $39.95
Compact foldable pocket LED magnifier.
2 1/4" lens with 3X magnification and 3 bright LED's.
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Wafer Light Box $199.95

Large Wafer Light Box $299.95

StitchSmart Stand $239.95

StitchSmart LED Magnifier & Chart Holder $199.95

Star Mag $69.95
LED Flexilens with Base & Clip
4 1/4" magnifier lens and 2 bright daylight LED's

Foldi LED Lamp (black) $136.95

Foldi LED Lamp (white) $136.95

Slimline Table Lamp $239.95
Designed to look fantastic in any living room, this slim and elegant brushed chrome desk lamp is ergonomically positioned above the hands and beneath eye level so there are no obstructions between you and your book. Fully adjustable .

Smart Lamp D20 Desk Lamp available in Metallic Blue or Silver!
Smart Lamp D20 Desk Lamp $145.95
  • Change colour temperature for improved contrast
  • 5 Step Dimming
  • Lightweight and portable - take this lamp anywhere!
  • USB & AC powered - use any USB device to power the lamp
  • Works with most portable power supplies like a Mophie
Metallic Blue
Metallic Silver
5" LED Floor/ Table Mag Lamp $199.95
  • Practical and versatile floor lamp is ideal for hobbies, crafts and low-vision users
  • 21 high performance, energy efficient Naturalight™ LEDs
  • 5" lens (2.0X magnification) lets you see minute details
  • Flexible gooseneck aims light exactly where needed
  • Remove the pole to use the lamp on a table
  • Height: 112cm / 44"

Table and Floor Magnifier Lamps

LED Halo Table Magnifier Lamp $139.95
Compact and lightweight. An all purpose table lamp with a 5 diopter (2.25X) magnification lens and 12 diopter (4X) inset lens. The daylight LEDs circle the magnification lens for consistent lighting and offer 3 brightness levels. Folds flat.

LED Magnifier - Table Lamp $109.95
This small magnifying lamp will become your best partner to work with details. The combination of 6.5W Full Spectrum Daylight LEDs and the 3.5", 3 diopter (1.75X) magnification lens will allow you to see details like never before. No more squinting.


A modern magnifying lamp with 2 separate 5" magnifying lenses that can easily be changed without tools. The magnifier has a heavy duty metal arm with internal safety springs.

Light: 22w low heat Daylight tube (U12010)

Lens 1: 1.75 X magnification (3 diopter)

Lens 2: 2.25 X magnification (5 diopter)

Supplied with: table clamp, 2 lenses

Price $355.00

4 Spoke Floorstand

Floorstand with wheels.
Height 29.5 inches
Increases the mobility of the Ultra Slim Fluorescent.
Ideal for working in an armchair.
Strong enough to support the weight of the 5" and 7" Slimline Magnifier Lamps.

Price $199.00


Ultra Slim Flourescent

Lens: 7" diameter, 3-diopter (1.75X magnification) glass lens.
Light Source: 28 watt low heat, high light output, daylight simulation bulb.
Supplied with: tube, diffuser, table clamp. 

Optional Optional table base and floor stand available 
Color: White
Price: $429.00

Accessories for the Ultra Slim Flourescent

Ultra Slim, lens 1:5" diameter,
5-diopter (2.25X magnification)
Price:  $32.00


Ultra Slim, lens 2:3" diameter,
8-diopter (3.0X magnification)
Price: $32.00


Ultra Slim, swing arm lens: 1.5" diameter,
12-diopter (4.0X magnification)
Price: $38.95



Replacement Bulbs

Product Description Item No. for these models Price Purchase
11w Spiral Bulb U12617 U20270,U20275,U31075 $32.95
18w PL daylight tube U13621 U23010,U23020,U23030,U33090 $35.00
13w PL daylight tube U13623 U33050 $35.00
20w Spiral Bulb U15200 U21028 $37.50
28w Circular Fluorescent U12000 U22020 $tba


Leisure Magnifying Lamp with Organizer $150.00
Light and magnifying lens are mounted onto individual long flexible arms, enabling the most comfortable working positions to be found.
Discontinued (1 remaining)

Daylight Floor Standing Lamp $195.00

Deluxe Floorstanding Lamp $295.00
A large rimless magnifying lens on a flexible arm, and a chart/pattern holder on a flexible arm
Last Remaining

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