Vusion LED Craft Light & Magnifier $69.95

Craftlite Mini Clip-on Magnifier $39.95

SURELight LED Desk Magnifier $82.95

Bohin Large Clamp-on Magnifier $69.95
(5" diameter magnifier with 18" long flexible arm)

SURE Light magnifier lamp $149.95
With multi levels of brightness. Table, floor or use the giant clip included to easily attach to your work surface or chair. The battery compartment and giant clip combined will bring light to any work area. 3 brightness levels within each spectrum enables multiple temperature options. 2x magnifier (12.5cm / 5" diameter) on an adjustable goose neck (46cm / 18") to help clearly see fine details of your project. 24 long lasting LEDs - 60,000 hours. Wide 120 degree beam angle for larger coverage area. Use AC or battery compartment (4 x C size batteries not included). UL/CUL AC adaptor. 1 year limited warranty.
749.400 Pako Magnetic Line Counter
Pako Magnetic Line Counter $19.95
LM-1 Loran Line Magnifier
Loran Line Magnifier $16.95

Ultra Dome 2 1/2" Boxed $48.95
Magnabrite model MB-64


Hands Free Magnifier with LED Light $17.95

Siesta Headband Magnifier $44.95
(includes 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.5 magnification lenses)

Pretty in Pink Magnifier Readers $4.95

Magni-Clips Magnifiers
+2.50 Magnification $29.95

Magni-Clips Magnifiers
+3.00 Magnification $29.95

Magni-Clips Magnifiers
+4.00 Magnification $29.95

Extra lenses sold separately
Instantly enlarges images and objects. Hands-free magnification. Can be worn with or without eyeglasses or contact lenses. Optical grade acrylic lenses. Modern, open design assures unimpaired vision. Double lenses for 3-D viewing. Distortion-free viewing. Wide field of vision. Adjustable lense angle. Brings work closer into focus than regular magnifying glasses. Adjustable magnifies-visor swings up and down, or can be locked in place. Comfortable, cool, no headaches. Slip-on cushionedhead band - fits all sizes. Weights less than 2 oz. Easily replaceable disposable lenses.

Mageye with 1 lense $42.95
(2x Magnification)
Mageye with 2 lenses $58.95
#2(1.6x Magnification) + #4(2x Magnification)
Mageye wigth 2 lenses $74.95
#5 (2.25x Magnification) + #7 (2.75x Magnification)

Extra lenses sold separately
Extra Lenses $24.95
(2.25x Magnification)
Extra Lenses $26.95
(2.75x Magnification)

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