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    This Week - April 29th

Country Cottage Needleworks Magazines
Santa's Stocking Store
Santa's Stocking Store  $8.95
part of Santa's Village Series

Just Cross Stitch May 2013
Just Cross Stitch - May 2013  $9.95
A few of the interesting designs in this issue are a Fruit Quartet get for the kitchen, a stylish tall Blue and white Teapot, an elegant Wdding Sampler stitched all in white, another Alessandra Adelaide design, and more

Bothy Threads
Purple poppy
Purple Poppy (cross stitch kit)  $58.95

Hydrangea (cross stitch kit)  $58.95

Peony (cross stitch kit)  $58.95

Lily (kit)  $110.00

Needle Accessories
needle id card
Needle Id Cards  $14.95
What a great little addition to your treasured stitching tools.  Each folder contains 6 ID cards.  You'll never again have to wonder what type of needle or needle size you have in your hand.
needle tins
Slip Top Needle Tins  $3.95
or Four for $14.95
Great for needle storage, get all 4 and also keep your needles sorted.

bohin scissors
Bohin "Mini" Scissors  $23.95
The cutiest little scissor, with a 1/2" shaft, great for air travel.
vinyl proect zipper bag
Stitch Beautifully Zipper Bag  $5.95
(8" x 5.5")  Supplies not included

nap brush
Nap Brush  $11.95

Wooden Hoops
Round hoops Hardwicke Wooden Embroidery Hoops
5/16th" x 3" round  $4.95
5/16th" x 5" round  $11.95
5/16th" x 6" round  $9.95
5/16th" x 7.5" round  $12.95
5/8th" x 10" round  $22.95

Mill Hill Kits
mh14-3201 Sunflower
Sunflower (full kit)  $19.95

mh14-3204 Witch Way
Witch Way (full kit)  $19.95

Midnight Pumpkin (full kit)  $19.95

mh18-3203 Tombstone
Tombstone (full kit)  $9.95

mh18-3204 Dracula
Dracula (full kit)  $9.95

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This Week - April 19th

Thea Gouverneur
Moscow  $139.95

Needle Accessories
Sunflower needle minder
Sunflower - Needleminder  $13.95

Lily of the Valley needle minder
Lily of the Valley - Needleminder  $13.95

A - needleminder
Alphabet "A" - Needleminder  $13.95

C needleminder
Alphabet "C" - Needleminder  $13.95

F needleminder
Alphabet "F" - Needleminder  $13.95

H needleminder
Alphabet "H" - Needleminder  $13.95

I needleminder
Alphabet "I" - Needleminder  $13.95

J needleminder
Alphabet "J" - Needleminder  $13.95

R needleminder
Alphabet "R" - Needleminder  $13.95

T needleminder
Alphabet "T" - Needleminder  $13.95

V needleminder
Alphabet "V" - Needleminder  $13.95

Acorn thread keep
Acorn - Thread Keep   $17.95
(Mother of Pearl)

Daisy rings
Daisy - Thread Rings (7 per pack)  $13.95
(Mother of Pearl)

Heart rings
Heart - Thread Rings (10 per pack)  $13.95
(Mother of Pearl)

round thread ring
Round - Thread Rings (10 per pack)  $13.95
(Mother of Pearl)

tulip thread rings
Tulip - Thread Rings (10 per pack)  $13.95
(Mother of Pearl)

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This Week - April 12th

1078 - Summer View
Summer View  $39.95

1079 Autumn View
Autumn View  $39.95

1080 Winter View
Winter View  $39.95

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This Week - April 5th

Brenda Franklin is our Designer of the month for April
She will have her new designs on display for the month at Gitta's
Please visit our Workshop page or Kathrin's Blog for more information

Just Nan
8 point star garden
8 Point Star Garden $29.95
(leaflet with charm, beads and wool base)

winter typography
Winter Typography  $22.95
(leaflet with charm, beads and silk)

baby celebration
Baby Celebration  $25.95
(leaflet with painted swan charm)

Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny  $19.95
(Limited Edition Ornament Pinkeep - leaflet with charm, beads, bunny tail & ears)

Brenda Franklin
Designer of the Month
brenda franklin 1 brenda franklin 2 brenda franklin 3
brenda franklin 4 brenda franklin 5

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