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This Week - February 22nd

Loopy Lou Designs
40 Diamonds and pearls
Diamonds and Pearls  $16.95

41 hears desire
Hearts and Desire  $16.95

47 ilalian garen
Italian Garden  $16.95

n3 posey needlecase & biscornu
Posey Needlecase & Biscornu  $16.95

r2 have and to hold ring pillow box
Have and to Hold Ring Pillow Box  $16.95

barok 1
Barok 1  $19.95

Patchwork rouge 8
Patchwork Rouge 8  $19.95

patchwork rouge 11
Patchwork Rouge 11  $19.95

imaginary birds
Imaginary Birds  $19.95

red heart
Red Heart  $19.95

White lace
White Lace  $19.95

blackwork hearts
Blackwork Hearts  $19.95

The Dorset
The Dorset  $98.95
Craftlite Mini Magnifier with Light
Craftlite Mini Magnifier with Light  $39.95
circular bulb
Circular Bulb for Dorset  $28.95

Dublin 4 in 1 LED Light Magnifier  $199.95

Devon 5" Magnifier Lamp  $165.00

Lynne Nicolletti Leisure Art
Wondrous Winter
Wondrous Winter  $10.95

pocket guide - embroidery
Pocket Guide - Embroidery  $6.95

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This Week - February 7th

13-1029 Lets Do Chocolate
Let's Do Chocolate  $8.95

13-1031 Lets Do Tea
Let's Do Tea  $8.95

12-2677 Lets Purr
Let's Purr  $8.95

Designs by Lisa Blackbird Designs
12-3147 Nuts Gather Here
Nuts Gather Here  $9.95

13-1128 Violets Blue
Violets Blue  $12.95

Little House Needleworks
Santa's Village
Santa's Village a 12 part design with one design being released each month.
12-3119 Poinsetta House
Poinsetta House (Part 2)  $8.95

13-1112 North Pole Post Office
North Pole Post Office (part 3)  $8.95

12-3120 Winter Snow
Winter Snow  $11.95

X's & Oh's
LL-DH Dragon Hoppy
Dragon Hoppy  $5.95

LL-DL Dragon Love
Dragon Love  $5.95

m-510 Paw Prints
Paw Prints (Cat)  $10.95

Q-130 Coffee Time
Coffee Time  $12.95

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This Week - February 1st

Alessandra Adelaide Neeldeworks
Waiting for Christmas
Waiting for Christmas (chart pack)  $36.95
Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf (chart pack)  $19.95

Garden Heart
Garden Heart (chart pack)  $19.95

Arabesco (chart pack)  $19.95

Arabesco 2
Arabesco 2 (chart pack)  $19.95

Christmas Wood
Christmas Wood (chart pack)  $19.95

Butterfly (chart pack)  $19.95

Sweet Moon
Sweet Moon (chart pack)  $19.95

Halloween Tree
Halloween Tree (chart pack)  $19.95

dove ornament
Dove Ornament (chart pack)  $19.95

manger ornament
Manger Ornament (chart pack)  $19.95

christmas drop
Christmas Drop (chart pack)  $19.95

Pine cone
Pine Cone (chart pack)  $16.95

lucky banner
Lucky Banner (chart pack)  $26.95

Spider Banner
Spider Banner (chart pack)  $19.95

Stoney Creek
pm404 Listen To Your Dreams
Pattern of the Month - January 2013  $5.95
Listen to your Dreams
Button for Listen to your dreams $4.95

bk458 paradise banner
Paradise Banner (book)  $14.95

bk459 Bethlehem shilhouettes
Bethlehem Shilhouettes (book)  $14.95

lft195 Home Series part 1
Home Series Part 1 (leaflet)  $10.95

lft196 Home Series Part 2
Home Series Part 2 (leaflet)  $10.95

lft197 Home Series Part 3
Home Series Part 3 (leaflet)  $10.95

Magazines Lanarte
Winter 2013
Stoney Creek Cross Stitch - Winter 2013  $10.95

pn-0144527 Summer Bonquet
Summer Boquet (kit)  $72.95
(design size 36cm x 38cm)

pn-0144839 Poppies
Poppies (pillow kit)  $49.95
(cross stitched in wool on painted canvas
- finished size 16"x16")

pn-0144838 Peony
Peony (pillow kit)  $49.95
(cross stitched in wool on painted canvas
- finished size 16"x16")

pn-0143912 Dog
Dog bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0143913 Cat
Cat bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0143914 Cat on book pile
Cat on book pile bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0144707 owl
Owl Bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0144708 Eagle
Eagle Bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-145090 Hortensia and butterfly
Hortensia and Butterfly Bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-145091 Hortensia and butterfly 2
Hortensia and Butterfly Bookmark 2  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0145351 Butterfly on flowers
Butterfly on Flowers Bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

pn-0145352 Monary Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly on Flowers Bookmark  $21.95
(full kit includes 14ct aida)

ve12 Candyfloss
Candyfloss Bookmark  $22.95
(full kit includes aida banding)

ve13 Souffle
Souffle Bookmark  $22.95
(full kit includes aida banding)

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